Ski Jackets: Add a Splash Of Color To Your Snowy Adventure

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This article discusses the popularity of skiing and the fashion trends surrounding ski jackets. Skiing originated in Scandinavian countries thousands of years ago, and it has developed into a rare sport that allows individuals to appreciate the beauty and purity of mountains. Ski jackets h

When you are wearing a brightly colored ski jacket on the white snow, even if you do not have first-class skiing skills, it is still a pleasant thing to show off your beautiful ski jacket. In short, whether by skiing skills or by ski jackets, you can become the focus of fashion on the snow field.
Skiing is an enjoyable and exciting sport, so try to learn more about it. What is the origin of skiing? What kind of equipment is popular this year? Learn about ski jackets, learn about skiing, and add a reason to love skiing as an incredibly exciting sport.
Skiing first originated in cold and snowy areas. Thousands of years ago, when people's production conditions were still very backward, in order to survive in the harsh natural environment, man invented skis instead of walking, and its application allowed people to run through the vast sea of forest and snow in pursuit of prey at will. Skiing originated and developed in Scandinavian countries. The word "ski" is derived from the old Norwegian word skith, which means "snow shoe" and refers to a ski shaped like a narrow wooden boat. Skiing in the world's leading countries are Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, as well as the United States, Russia and so on. Generally speaking, Scandinavian countries are dominant in Nordic skiing, and Alpine countries are dominant in Alpine skiing.
In 1780, the Norwegian Nurham made use of soft strips to make both sides of the inner curve of the ski, forming the prototype of modern competitive skiing, kicked off the prelude to competitive skiing. In 1877, the world's first ski club was established in Oslo.
Skiing is different from other arena sports, it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city to join the forest and snow field. The thrill and excitement, the appreciation of the purity and grandeur of the mountains, to purify the body and mind, is a rare sports and leisure sport. Now, more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to and participate in this sport, for two reasons: one is because skiing is an excellent sport and leisure sport in winter to increase physical fitness, benefit the mind and return to nature. Second is that the equipment of this sport is both professional and functional and practical and beautiful, especially because the clothing is very bright and attractive.

Big brands dabble in ski jackets

In line with the trend, this year brands are launching ski jackets: from international fashion brands to professional outdoor brands, all of them are paying attention to the sport of skiing.
The SKI ski collection by the famous French brand Celine is a perfect combination of design glamour and advanced technology. The entire collection includes all the essential accessories needed for skiing, in two shades of "carbon black" and "moonlight".
CELINE has created this collection with its usual professional expertise and rigorous standards, seeking to merge aesthetics and technology. The ski jacket uses DuPont's most advanced threads for inner padding. The ski pants are made of high-tech sweatshirt fabric. To make this chic ski outfit even more comfortable, the jacket and tights with the CELINE logo are made of special cashmere, while the knee and elbow pads are carefully placed and inspired by skateboarding.
The lightweight, detachable parachute bag jacket is one of the highlights of CELINE's creative director IVANA OMAZIC's "High Tech Sports Fashion" concept. CELINE also paired the ski outfit with a pair of warm, comfortable and equally technically stylish snow boots. The suede and soft leather uppers help keep the feet warm, while the waterproof nylon and gusset design keeps the ankles dry, insulated from the cold and waterproof from snow. The boots are also available in "Carbon Black" and "Moonlight" shades, allowing skiers to enjoy skiing while showing off their taste.
As one of the world's preeminent professional outdoor brands, The North Face continues to develop and design the latest line of ski equipment to arm skiers for those "impossible" tasks, providing products that all skiers can trust.
In The North Face new ski collection this year, the 3-in-1 women's jacket is innovative and functional, meeting women's demands for looks and practicality. It has waterproof and breathable buffalo leather plaid lining, plus removable insulated lining, waterproof and breathable, fully closed seams, adjustable EZD buckle hood, double-sided entry zipper hand warmer pocket, forearm pocket with wind goggle fabric, inside media pocket, inside wind goggle pocket, stretch clinch back button snow skirt, Pant-a-locks, adjustable hem. All these special designs can bring consumers more protection and a comfortable feeling.

How to wear a ski jacket to look good

The colors of ski jackets are generally brighter, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the safety aspect. If you are skiing in the high mountains, especially on steep slopes, away from the built ski area prone to landslides or disorientation, in this case bright colored clothing provides a good visual for finding. In white snow, light-colored clothing is less conspicuous, it is easy to be hit by other skiers, bright colors can attract attention and can more or less avoid this situation.
If you really don't like bright colors, then choose a brightly colored hat so that other people can also notice you and avoid unnecessary dangers from happening.
There are many ways to match the color of ski jackets. From inside to outside, there are many noteworthy places. You can refer to the following points to buy.
Size: Choose your favorite color and pattern, but in terms of size, it should be slightly larger than the usual so-called "fit", so that it is easy to make a large movement.
Color: Preferably more brightly colored. As the snow suit and snow pants are a two-piece set, choose when you can match the same color or pattern of the same pattern, so that the whole body looks rich sense of the whole. Of course, you can also match the different colors above and below.
Matching the same tone. You can choose yellow snowsuit and green snow pants. Although the color is different , unified in one tone looks both overall sense and subtle changes.
Collision color matching. For example, orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple, etc., such a match requires a high degree of matching skills, not just a good-looking match.
It is recommended to buy the store well, so that it is not easy to make mistakes, and some snow suits and snow pants are up and down matching, clothes and pants will have a zipper, you can connect the upper body and lower body, to the snow sliding on the snow field will not have a gap in the snow.
Texture: Since skiing activities are a sport performed in a cold environment, it is best not to use cotton products when choosing intimate underwear, but to use specialized silk Pulmon material made of snug, breathable and allows sweat molecules to penetrate the underwear. It has an inner layer of one-way core absorption effect of chemical fiber material, it does not absorb water, the outer layer is cotton products, sweat can be absorbed in cotton products, the effect is very good.
In addition, it is inevitable that you will fall down when skiing. If there is no one-piece ski jacket, snow will be drilled into the garment from the foot neck, wrist, collar, etc. after a fall. The solution to this problem is very simple, as long as a pair of acrylic cotton woven into the elastic long knee pads, a pair of wide strip wrist guards, a scarf will do.

Ski equipment recommendations

If you do not only go to play occasionally, it is recommended to buy your own equipment. The basic equipment should be prepared at the primary level, with these you can feel confident and bold, without fear of enjoying the most wonderful winter sports. Only after you really skied will you find really no reason not to love it, you will heartily say: "winter not skiing what else!"
Ski goggles - to prevent snow blindness from occurring and to prevent snowflakes from hurting your eyes when it snows.
Ski gloves - to protect against cold and cuts, the outer layer must be waterproof.
Ski underwear - general cotton underwear absorbs sweat and is not breathable, sweat wet has been cool and icy, resulting in the loss of body temperature, not suitable for skiing time air. Ski underwear is made of specialized chemical fiber fabric, close to the body, stretch, the key is breathable, so that sweat molecules permeate.
Ski outerwear - at least waterproof, jeans and the like is not possible. Quality ski outerwear is waterproof and windproof, lightweight and not bulky, strong and wearable, and uses breathable fabrics such as GORE-TEX so that sweat can escape from the body.
Warm middle layer - when colder in between underwear and outerwear to add a layer, wool is best,and can effectively keep warm and very light.