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Advange PCB

Advange PCB 鈼?strongProduct Introduction: Hard gold and soft gold are electrolytic gold in the manufacturing process. As long as the use is resistant to plugging and touching, hard gold is required, such as gold finger card board, keypad, calculator board, etc. It needs to be used for wire bonding with Soft gold. Hard gold circuit boards are widely used, CNOSPCB has the production capacity and the quality is very good. 鈼?strongProduct Specification锛?/strong Electroplating ProcedureSoft GoldHard Gold PicklingXX Nickel PlatingXX Electroplated Pure GoldX Pre-gold Plating X Electroplated Gold, Nickel or Gold-Cobalt Alloy X 鈼?strongProduct Features: 1) High hardness 2) Resistance to friction 3) Good conductivity 4) Anti-oxidation 鈼?Product Application: From the current surface finishings of many circuit boards, the cost of hard gold is relatively high compared to other surface finishing methods (such as ENIG, OSP), so it is rarely used now, unless for special purposes, such as connectors the contact surface, and the need for sliding contact elements (such as gold fingers...), etc.; but with the current circuit board surface treatment technology, the electroplated nickel-gold coating has good anti-friction ability and excellent anti-oxidation ability Still no other method can compare. 鈼?strongProduct Detals: 鈼?Deliver 5-8 working days include shipping time 鈼?Safeguards Ordinance Advange PCB website: